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Safety Gear


Fire Bellydance
Over the last 10 years Fire By Riz has immersed itself into the belly dance community through teaching workshops and vending coast to coast. In this time we have communicated and danced with hundreds of dancers listening closely to thier feedback about fire props of all kinds.
We are very pleased to now offer a line of fire props designed specifically with the fire belly dancer in mind. The differences in these props may not be visible, however you will feel everyone of them through out your entire routine. As a result, you are no longer limited to a fire prop designed for a fire spinner. This is yet another one of the many reasons Fire by Riz is the leading fire tool maker in the world.

Click here to see in action!

Fire Palm Torches
Are you tired of getting wax on your costume during your candle dance? This enchanting hand crafted custom made blended wicked fire palm torch is just what you are looking for.Fire palm torches are lite weight (10oz each) and perfectly balanced. Fire palms also features a multi grip handle you can balance it in your palm or slip your fingers through the half moon uprights so the fire palms will stay on your hand even when they are upside down.

Fire palms are 6 inches tall, 3 inches wide at the cup and 2 inches wide at the base. They are tipped with 7 inches of 1.5 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick custom made blended wicking for years wick life. Offered in a black high gloss powder coated finish.

This is the perfect prop for the beginner fire belly dancer.
Click here to see video of our palm torches in action!
Price: $70.00 /pair

1.5' wide Kevlar wick

Palm Torches
Quantity (per pair):


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Fire Hip Belt
Want to add a little heat to your shimmy? The fire hip belt is just the prop. Enhance your undulating abdomen muscles with the natural glow of fire. Fire belts are made from the finest lite weight nickel plated roller type chain. This type of chain prevents the excessive up and down flexing/rolling, giving you the confidence or the most severe twists and locks.

Just as belly dancers not coming in one size. Neither do our hip belts. You have 5 sizes to choose from, or email us for one made to your custom size. All hip belts have 5 - 2' wide custom blended wicking . All hip belts can be adjusted 12 inches but ONLY up in size. If your hip size is the same or close to the belt size order the next SMALLER belt.

Click here to see video of our fire belts in action!
Click here to see details in larger view.
Price: $70.00
All hip belts have 12 inches of + adjustment.
Size 1: 31 1/2
Size 2: 33 1/2
Size 3: 35 1/2
Size 4: 37 1/2
Size 5: 39 1/2

Hip Belt


Click here to see in action!
Balance Staff
Our professional quality Balance staffs are fabricated from aircraft grade T-6061 hollow tube aluminum. The Balance staff is constructed in the same manner as our regular staffs, with wicking which has no metal exposed. The Balance staff only comes in a 5 ft length (for safety reasons) with wicking choices of 2 x 1/8, 2.5 x 1/8 or 4 x 1/8 wicking. Each wick has 3 feet of wicking. What makes the Balance staff different from our regular staff is a flat side to prevent the staff from rolling off your head or hip. You may find this a nice addition or replacement for a sword.
Balance Staffs only come in 5' lengths with wicking options of:
2" wide
2.5" wide
4" wide

Balance Staff


  Fire Fans
All of our fans are already designed for the belly dancer.

To view our whole line of fire fans, click the link below.

Fire Fans

  Balanced Scimitars

To view our line of Balanced Scimitars, click the link below.

Balanced Scimitars

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