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Safety Gear


About Our Poi 
All spinning products and fire poi are hand fabricated by professional fire performers from the finest manufacturer weight load rated materials available.

Wicks are folded in cathedral (cube) style with blind rigged hardware. Blind rigged means no metal is exposed on the bottom side of the wick. We use our special blend of wicking that is custom made for us just for the fire performer expect twice the life span of the wicking with our poi. All fire poi wicks have a dual cable attachment system holding the wick together, each cable is rated at 440lbs. The wick is finished off with a 3/4 inch welded chrome ring for easy wick replacement or to change to a different style wick. Wicks are sized by the amount of wicking used to make them.

Leashes are offered in a welded small link chain. Our standard leash length is 18 inches. Leashes have one 350lb load rated swivel along with 220lb load rated stainless steel split rings.

Grips are made from a poly-nylon strapping that are 1 inch wide and 4 inches long, folded and machine sewn into a two finger loop design, then finished off with a press fit brass grommet. Our poly-nylon grips are weight load rated at 350lbs.

With numerous web sites offering information on fire poi, we understand it can be confusing for an individual trying to purchase their 1st set of fire poi.
Email or call one of our professional fire performers on staff who will answer any question you may have. We love to talk about fire poi!

We suggest the 2ft of 2in wick on chain leashes as the perfect fire poi for the beginner.

Click here to see in action!

Chain Fire Poi
The welded link chain leash fire poi has the same wick and double looped handle as all of our poi. The benefits of the chain leash over cable is that it isn't prone to kinking and is better for basic wrap moves. 

Safety Warning To Professionals
Ball style chain cannot be inspected internally for wear and breakage which is why I do not offer them.

We suggest the 2ft of 2in wick as the perfect fire poi for the beginner.

Click here to see video of our poi in action!
Price: $38.50 - $66.00 depending on style 
Small Wick - 2' (600mm) of custom made wickng Medium Wick - 4' (1,220mm) of custom made wicking Large Wick - 6' (1,828mm) of custom made wicking
2' (50mm) wide custom made wicking
2.5' (65mm) wide custom made wicking

Chain Poi - Ultra Strong
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Practice Poi
Simulate the feel of our fire poi with these custom poi that have the same feel, weight and balance. Without the long tails and weight difference of standard style poi to hamper you, these are excellent for fire practice or play. The 12 inch tails are shorter and non-intrusive compared to standard non-fire poi. You still get the visual trail effect without changing your fire poi moves.

A perfect choice for the beginner.
12" tails in a random variety of colors. Color depends stock available and is not selectable.
Please indicate preferences in cart comments window and we will try to meet your request.

E-mail for availability / purchasing information.


Click here to see in action!

Twisted Fire Snakes
The new age of fire rope is here! With the new type of rope available today we can braid and twist ropes. This allows our snakes to produce large fire and burn times that are equal to poi. We can also offer different sizes for small to extra large flame effect. Our snakes use a welded chrome ring for secure attachment. They also have a small amount of chain as a leash to keep you hands away for the flame. They are topped off with a heavy duty two finger poly nylon grip. This tool is the perfect addition for the poi dancer looking for a new flame effect without having to learn a new tool.
Twisted Snakes provide a great flame effect and come in 3 different sizes All Snakes are 20 inches long minus leash and grip.

Click here to see video of snakes in action!

Small Snakes are made from 1/2 rope.
When twisted they have a 1 inch dia.

Large Snakes are made from 3/4 rope.
When twisted they have a 1 � inch dia.

Fire Snakes
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Click here to see in action!

Anaconda Braided Snakes
Just as the anaconda snakes are the largest snakes in the world, Fire By Riz's Anaconda Braided Snakes are the largest fire snakes offered anywhere. These massive Snakes are made from a 4 plait construction much like our whips. If you are looking for a show stopper or you just adore massive fire this is the fire tool for you. Due to large amounts of fire the Anacondas produce we suggest they only be used by the experienced fire handler.

The Anacondas vary from 19 inch to 20 inches in length minus leash and grip. They are offered in 4 different sizes. Guaranteed to meet or exceed any flame effect you desire.

Click here to see video of snakes in action!

Small Anaconda is made from 3/8 rope and has a 1-1/4 Dia. - $77.00

Medium Anaconda is made from 1/2 rope and has a 1-1/2 Dia. - $82.50

Totally Insane Anaconda is made from 3/4 rope and has a 2 inch Dia. - $99.00

Anaconda Braided Snakes
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